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collagen supplements

Collagen Supplements keeps your skin tight and wrinkle-free

collagen supplementsWith the advancement of people's age, the collagen content of the body begins to fall and people start experiencing the signs of collagen deficiency. As a result of this, join mobility goes down, the skin starts sagging and wrinkles start appearing. Even muscles weaken. There are various supplements out there that take care of the depleting levels of vitamins and nutrients in our body. Collagen supplements work the same way.
Collagen supplements are often highlighted for their ability to reverse the aging process, but for many people, it helps in reducing joint pain and increasing mobility. Therefore one can see that collagen supplements have a variety of advantages for which they are used. Often, starting to take the supplement at the right time can work as an alternative to surgeries such as the ones performed for joint replacement.
You actually have several other better alternatives regardless of the reason you want to take a collagen supplement -- whether it is for your joint health, for weight loss, for muscle building, or for simply improving your skin's appearance and health. Below are a few of the better alternatives to Collagen supplements.

Collagen is one of several main proteins that comprise the skin's connective tissue. Taking a collagen supplement for skin health is rather questionable. This is simply because when you take a collagen supplement, your digestive system will break down the protein into component parts. Then, the amino acids enter the bloodstream, and from there, they are used in those areas of the body where they are greatly needed, and it isn't always the skin.
Reclaim Your Youthful Skin
Collagen is your body's natural support for your skin. Like layers of elastic netting, collagen keeps your skin tight and wrinkle-free. At least 70% of the second layer of skin (the "dermis") is made of collagen. As you age, this collagen breaks down and the "dermis" layer of your skin becomes weaker and thinner, showing up as wrinkles and saggy skin.
Heal Your Joints
Collagen is motion. It is in every joint of your body, providing the padding and support for all movement and activity. Without collagen, your bones would grind against each other, which is how you may feel sometimes. This is because as your body ages, your collagen breaks down and wears away, causing joint pain and stiffness. Collagen Complete also contains numerous synergistic ingredients for skin, hair and joints.

Hydrolyzed Collagen is the best form of collagen for human benefits. It is also the most expensive, but you pay for quality and bio-availability. Studies have demonstrated the difference in absorption between collagen and hydrolyzed collagen being almost 5 times better for hydrolyzed collagen. Within 6 hours 90% of hydrolyzed collagen is found in the tissues all over the body while only 27% for collagen. The very low molecular weight of hydrolyzed collagen in comparison to gelatin is what makes it more absorbable by the body.
The amount of daily intake of Hydrolyzed Collagen demonstrated to be effective is 10,000 mg, this means 20 capsules a day if you have 500 MG capsules. If you add other important nutrients you could be taking up to 30 capsules a day. The powder alternative of one scoop for 14,000 mg of essential skin and joint nutrients that we offer with Collagen Complete is much more convenient. So if you see a supplement in capsules suggesting only a few capsules a day, don’t buy it. 
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